Tuesday, 22 June 2010

So, my animation project was the most time consuming few weeks I've ever had to endure! However, I really enjoyed the whole experience! Firstly, it was a chance for me to collaborate with my lovely friend Sophie, who was the best person i could have done it with! When i was frustrated at After Effects, she picked my mood up and made me laugh! You can check out her blog at this link http://sophie-rae.blogspot.com/ to see more of her work in the collaboration.

The task at hand was to create an animation around 1 minute ideally, on the topic of Divergence. As Sophie and I were interested in the same direction we decided to continue with the project together aiming towards the divergence of species. After a lovely trip to the Natural History Museum, we decided that birds would create a vibrant range to animate.

It was frustrating getting to grips with the animating software such as After Effects, and Final Cut Pro, but I'm glad that I've discovered a new range of skills to use in the future. Hopefully it will encourage me to dabble in the animation side of things more often (but maybe not for a while!). The animation was created starting with our love of the printing technique. I cut out printed paper to form the birds, whereas Sophie used a black mono-print line over stencils to create hers. This difference in technique was what i was hoping for within our styles. This is the final animation.

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